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     As a professional photographer based in Central Oregon, I have always seen the beauty of horses and nature as art that needs to be photographed and shared, be it the strong shapes, lines, and spirt of the horse or the simple, abstract ripple on a pond. For more than 9 years, my passion for photography has taken me deep into the American west, as well as 15 countries around the globe—capturing and preserving the physical and spiritual beauty of equines and Mother Nature. 

     I hope my unique, eye-catching photographs and one-of-a-kind mixed media paintings will help you to experience the strength, honesty, and courage of equines, as well as to preserve the beauty of Mother Nature as captured through my eyes.   

     When not behind the camera, my passion for horses continues. I started riding horses at the age of three—it’s where my introduction to and my love of horses began—and today trail riding riding my favorite paint, Baby, remains my favorite pastime.  

    For commissioned images of your horse or information on purchasing one of my fine art prints, please contact me at veronicabuschphotography@hotmail.com